Hill, Napoleon, and Arthur R. Pell. Think and Grow Rich. 2005.


  • Chapter I. thoughts are things–the man who “thought” his way into partnership with Thomas A. Edison
  • Chapter II. Desire–the starting point of all achievement
  • Chapter III. Faith–visualization of, and belief in attainment of desire
  • Chapter IV. Autosuggestion–the medium for influencing the subconscious mind
  • Chapter V. specialized knowledge–personal experiences or observations
  • Chapter VI. Imagination–the workshop of the mind
  • Chapter VII. Organized planning–the crystallization of desire into action
  • Chapter VIII. Decision–the mastery of procrastination
  • Chapter IX. Persistence–the sustained effort necessary to induce faith
  • Chapter X. power of the master mind–the driving force
  • Chapter XI. The mystery of sex transmutation
  • Chapter XII. The subconscious mind–the connecting link
  • Chapter XIII. The brain–a broadcasting and receiving station for thought
  • Chapter XIV. The sixth sense–the door to the temple of wisdom
  • Chapter XV. The six ghosts of fear