O’Neil, William J. How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good times or Bad. 1995.


Part I: A winning system: Can Slim

  1. Introduction–you must learn and benefit from America’s 100 years of super winners
  2. Chapter 1 America’s greatest stock picking secrets
  3. Chapter 2 how to read charts like a pro and improve your selection and timing
  4. Chapter 3 C=current big or accelerating Quarterly earnings and sales per share
  5. Chapter 4 A= Annual earnings increases: look for big growth
  6. Chaptert 5 N=newer companies, newer products, new management, new highs off properly formed chart bases
  7. Chapter 6 S= supply and demand: big volume demand at key points
  8. Chapter 7 L= leader or laggard: which is your stock?
  9. Chapter 8 I= institutional sponsorship
  10. Chapter 9 M= market direction: how you can determine it

Part II: be smart from the start

Chapter 10 when you must sell and cut every loss . . . without exception

  1. Chapter 11 when to sell and take your worthwhile profits
  2. Chapter 12 money management: should you diversify, invest for the long haul, use margin, sell short, or buy options, IPOs, Tax Shelters, Nasdaq Stocks, Foreign Stocks, Bonds, or Other Assets?
  3. Chapter 13 Twenty-one costly common mistakes investors make

Part III: Investing Like a Professional

  1. Chapter 14 more models of great stock market winners
  2. Chapter 15 picking the best market themes, sectors, and industry groups
  3. Chapter 16 how I use IBD to find potential winning stocks
  4. Chapter 17 watching the market and reacting to news
  5. Chapter 18 how you could make your million owning mutual funds
  6. Chapter 19 institutional portfolio ideas
  7. Chapter 20 important time-tested proven rules and guidelines to remember
  8. Success stories