Harvard Business Review. HBR 10 Must-Reads On Strategy

HBR’s Must-Reads on Strategy
HBR On Strategy

  1. Strategy Development
    1. What is Strategy?
      by Michael E Porter
    2. The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy
      by Michael E Porter
    3. Building Your Company’s Vision
      by James C Collins and Jerry I. Porras
    4. Building Your Business Model
      by Mark W. Johnson, Clayton M. Christensen and Henning Kagermann
    5. Blue Ocean Strategy
      by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne
  2. Strategy Execution
    1. The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution
      by Gary L. Neilson, Karla L. Martin and Elizabeth Powers
    2. Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System
      by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton
    3. Transforming Corner-Office Strateggy into Frontline Action
      by Orit Gadiesh and James L. Gilbert
    4. Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance
      by Michael C Mankins and Richard Steele
    5. Who Has the D? How Clear Decision Roles Enhance Organizational Performance
      by Paul Rogers and Marcia Blenko