Ducker, Peter. The effective Executive 2006

The Effective Executive
the Effective Executive - Peter Ducker

  1. Effectiveness Can Be Learned
    1. Why We Need Effective Executives
    2. Who is an Executive?
    3. The Promise of Effectiveness
    4. But Can Effectiveness Be Learned?
  2. Know thy Time
    1. The Time Demands on Executive
    2. Time Diagnosis
    3. Pruning The Time-Wasters
    4. Consolidating “Discretionary Time”
  3. What Can I contribute
    1. Executive’s Own Commitment
    2. How to Make the Specialist Effective?
    3. The Right Human Relations
    4. The Effective Meeting
  4. Making Strength Productive
    1. Staffing My Strength
    2. How Do I Manage My Boss?
    3. Making Yourself Effective
  5. First Things First
    1. Sloughing Off Yesterday
    2. Priorities and Posteriorities
  6. The Elements of Decision-making
    1. Two Case Studies in Decision-Making
    2. The Elements of the Decision Process
  7. Effective Decisions
  8. Conclusion: Effectiveness Must Be Learned