Entrepreneurs and Filing the Home Office Deduction

  Here, we will discuss the following: 1.     How to meet the home office deduction and rules that govern it. 2.     Applying the Rules to a Garage Home Office. 3.     How to Calculate Actual Expenses of your Home Office. 4.    … Read more


Learn the basics of market research and resources connected to your importing and exporting needs.

Items to Investigate

Capital Equipment, furniture, buildings. Two things need to be determined. First, what is the market value of these items. Here, the market value means the price others would pay for these items, not what it would cost you to replace… Read more

When Acquiring a Company: An Items Checklist

Items Checklist Investigation List for an Acquisition A. CORPORATE MATTERS 1. Articles of Incorporation, and operating agreements or by-laws of the Company and Seller. 2. Corporate minute books and stock transfer records of the Company. Records of agreements between partners… Read more


In these pages, we provide some basic information on how to deal with employees. This could easily be included in the Legal Section, since much of the material is legal in nature, but we put it here because employees are… Read more

Employer Checklist

In order to help you navigate through laws covering employees and employment, we whipped up a some checklists of things to remember when you are hiring employees, dealing with employees or investigating and firing employees for misconduct. The first checklist… Read more

Accounting: Credit Abbreviations

Credit Abbreviations 3/10: This means that a 3% discount off of the stated purchase price will be offered if payment is made within ten days of the invoice date (i.e., date of shipment). 1/15: A 1% discount is offered off… Read more

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