Legal Forms

Organizational Forms:
Articles of Incorporation
Minutes Naming Board of Directors
Consent of Directors to Corporation Formation
Board of Directors Initial Meeting
By-laws for a Business Corporation
Corporation Organization ChecklistDelaware Corporation By-laws
Charitable Organization Articles of Incorporation

Agreements Among Shareholders/Owners:
Limited Partnership Agreement
Real Estate Limited Partnership Agreement
Form General Partnership Agreement
S-Corporation Shareholders Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement

Intellectual Property Forms:
Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights
Assignment of Inventions and Nondisclosure (employee)
Confidentiality Agreement for Technical Know-How
Electronic Data InterchangeAgreement
Hardware and Software Purchase Agreement
Intellectual Property Development and Transfer Agreement
Intellectual Property Dispute Settlement Agreement
Know How License and Technical Assistance Agreement
Nondisclosure Agreement
Patent Assignment
Simple Confidentiality Agreement
Standard Software License Agreement
Trademark Information Memorandum
Trademark Use Cease and Desist Letter
Trademark Use Assignment

Board Resolutions/Corp. Maintenance:
Resolutions Approving Material Contract
Resolutions for Directors First Meeting
Resolutions Accepting Director Resignation and Filling Vacancy
Resolutions Approving Employment Agreement
Certificate of Dissolution
Minutes for a Directors Meeting
Resolutions Naming Directors
Resolutions Approving Organizational Actions
Resolutions Approving Joint Venture Project

Agreement Between Corporation and Employees and Officers:
Assigment of Invention and Nondisclosure
Corporate Indemnity Agreement

Employment Agreement
Incentive Stock Option Agreement
Provisions to Create “Phantom” Partnership Interests
Employee Stock Equivalent Agreement
Medical Expense and Disability Benefits Plan
Nonstatutory Stock Option Agreement

Professional Services Contracts:
Consulting Agreement
Consulting Agreement (Second Alternative)
Consulting Agreement (Third Alternative)
Consulting Agreement (Fourth Alternative)
Financing/Capital Finders Fee Agreement
Sales Representative Agreement
Distributor Agreement
Electronic Data Exchange Agreement

Internet-Focused Intell. Prop. Forms:
CD ROM Distribution Agreement
Internet Joint Venture Confidentiality Agreement
Online Access Agreement
Source Material License
Web Site Copyright Notice

Business Acquisition/Venture Forms:
Acquisition of a Joint Venture Interest (noncorporate)
Agreement for Sharing Joint and Several Liabilities
Asset Acquisition Agreement
Asset Purchase Agreement (Bankruptcy Acquisition)
Assumption of Debts as Part of Acquisition
Bill of Sale
Board of Directors Resolutions Approving Material Contract
Checklist for Asset Purchase Transaction
Checklist for Stock Purchase Transaction
Due Diligence Inquiry Checklist
Indemnity from Shareholder to Buyer
Joint Venture Project Agreement
“No Shop” Letter for Negotiations
Board of Director Resolutions Authorizing Joint Venture

Sample Lending Documents:
Convertible Promissory Note
Equal Installment Promissory Note
Guaranty and Pledge Agreement
Promissory Term Note
Secured Promissory Note (Equal Installments)
Secured Term Loan Agreement
Security Agreement
Shareholder Guaranty of Corporate Debt
Stock Pledge Agreement

Miscellaneous Business Contracts:
Guaranty of Performance Under a Contract
Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
Purchase Order Language (Buyer)
Settlement, Release and Waiver
Stock Pledge to Secure Contract
Unilateral Confidentiality Agreement
Equipment Lease